Your Personal Leadership Story Matters

Beth Stiller, Walgreen’s Group VP, Retail Brands and Global Sourcing, will share why diversity of thought, self-evaluation and personalizing your own story is the only way to true leadership effectiveness. She will share why earning “share of heart” with your team is the heart of team cohesiveness and a healthy culture. Deep listening, empathy, trust and collaboration are the currency of the new economy. Are you aligned?

The Myths & Blindspots of Outreaching to Millennials

Larry Levin, IRI’s executive vice president of business development will share new research into the Millennial outreach strategy. Larry will provide a comprehensive look at their personalities, values, beliefs and actual purchase behavior of this 79M person consumer group. Their path to purchase isn’t a straight line, so marketers need to understand the unique segments (and behaviors) within this larger community.

Personalized Marketing at Scale

Virginia Nicoletti, Facebook's Industry Lead, Global Marketing Solutions will discuss how to reach your customer with scale and precision. You will gain invaluable knowledge into how the Facebook ecosystem can offer you deep insights that will bolster your retailer relationships and consumer loyalty.

Top 10 Lessons Learned from Global Retailers

Bryan Gildenberg, Kantar Retail's Chief Knowledge Officer, will lay out the blueprint for operating with Global Retailers and the lessons learned and watch outs every company must understand to create a healthy & profitable business. He will also focus on how Global Retailers are changing the U.S. retail map and how and how it is affecting the future of our industry.

Disruption: 10X Growth

Ryan Olohan, Google’s Head of Healthcare, will provide emerging insight into how the most disruptive companies are not setting for 5-10% annual growth, they have transformed their business model and are growing at 10 times that growth. Learn how the best are attempting to overcome the value economy are transforming their business, their business model and their growth expectations.

Must-See Innovations – A Collection of the Best for 2015

Karuna Rawal, EVP Business Lead, Arc/Leo Burnett Group, will share a retail audit of the best-of-the-best newly revealed retail innovations for 2015. With New innovations coming to market every day and retail undergoing a shift right before our very eyes, it can be difficult to get up to stay in touch with the latest and greatest trends and innovations. Karuna will share many examples of how manufacturers and retailers are staying engaged with shoppers in new ways.

Human Centered Design w/ Everything

Marc Landsberg, President/CEO of Social Deviant and ex-leader of Leo Burnett & McCann World, will speak on how to have a human centered approach to social media content design, and customer innovation with creates the deepest consumer alignment and experience. “We need to think design in everything to create real consumer experience and impact.”

What’s Next in the Connected Retail World?

Greg Kahn, Founder and CEO of GK Digital Media, advises a diverse group of media and technology companies on emerging digital models and the “Internet of Things.” As an advisory board member of the Internet of Things Consortium, Greg will share what’s next in a connected retail world.

The War for Millennial Talent

Gary Preston, CEO of Preston Partners – an executive recruiter firm – will discuss how to make your firm top of mind with the best new talent & the skills needed to thrive in the new economy. Gain an insider’s view into the talent economy and how to attract your next generation of leaders.